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A Cottage Garden

This Cottage Garden in Leigh, Dorset, was constructed in 2008/9 for a well known London Interior Designer. In the village it was  known as ‘the witches cottage’, The client decided that he wanted a ‘witchy’ looking summerhouse.  He designed the summerhouse with the witches hat. I call it the  G&T house.

 Having done wonders with the interior of the cottage the garden did not blend successfully and with it being so small, careful attention was needed to detail to try to create areas around the garden. In other words divide the garden into rooms so that you didn’t see everything all at once.

 The garden planting has been specially chosen to create sequential flowering all though the year. Blue mauve and white was themed within the borders. Spring, summer autumn and winter. We also planted a fully mature six foot hedgerow right next to the village lane. The bulbs are an amazing sight in the spring.

The garden was a mess and had no structure. There was an old well that needed a new top but neither of us liked the twee idea of a wellhead.

Bailey Ridge Nr Leigh, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 6HU  -  Tel:01963 210999