Consider sequential flowering, and how the picture will change over the year.  Different plants flower at different times ranging through spring, summer and autumn, there are also one or two that look good during winter even though it might be the summer flower heads which you did not cut off.

There are different colours that look good together soft pastel shades such as pale blues creamy whites and pale pink always look good together.  A blue and yellow border.  Oranges with purple look good.  All white borders look amazing blended with silvery and blue foliage.   Soft pale colours and small flowers always look further away than hot reds and vibrant oranges.  

Planting one specimen en masse can look amazing and this can be achieved with annual planting which at the end of the season can be pulled out and something different added.

Right plant – right place.  Probably two thirds of all herbaceous plants are sun lovers but there are still quite a few that require some shade. Be sure to read the label.

Herbaceous plants flower every year but most are not evergreen and die down out of sight.  You might think that they are dead! They will pop up again next year.   There are however a few that are  semi-evergreen and sited at intervals these can help to make the border look better in the winter.

Roses are always a wonderful addition to herbaceous borders but don’t forget they need regular feeding dead heading and pruning in spring.

Happy Gardening!

Sue Dodge

The Company of Landscapers

When planning your border heights are important.  For long borders larger specimens should be placed towards the back of the border and smaller specimens towards the front.  For circular or island beds height should be central and heights becoming less towards the outside edge.


After the plants are in, water and bark off the bed with composted bark at a good thickness of 50mm all over and top up every year. Bark keeps moisture in the soil negating the need to water continually. It cuts out annual weed and suppresses perennial weed.

Keep a watchful eye on watering and weeds and dead head where necessary. If you have slugs and snails go out in the evening and remove them before you put your feet up with a glass of wine!  Sit back and enjoy your creation.  If something is not performing then pull it out and put something else in its place.

March Diary (Cont)

Introduce your planting.